Era Indiekor
Era Indiekor
Professional Korean Educator
AboutEra Indiekor
Professional Korean Educator

A new language is a door to a whole new world.

Learning Korean language for 5 years has helped Era to connect with the culture and practices of Korea using a Korean perspective that she has developed over years of study.

Era has completed 2 years of Korean language diploma from Delhi University and 1 year of Advance level studies from the Korean Cultural Center.

She has been teaching Korean since 2 years on various popular platforms and have taught more than 1500 students.

She uses very simple, practical and logical methods that she has attained through experience to make this difficult language quite easy for her students.

She uses English as well as Hindi to create connections between structure, grammar and pronunciations in Korean which helps students learn this language with a lot of ease. If fluency is your goal then you are at the right place!